Application Services Application Services We build modern and high-performance web and mobile applications end-to-end
Our Expertise

Ejyle has deep technical expertise, domain knowledge, robust accelerators and built-in agile culture to design, build and deliver modern and high-performance web and mobile applications across different platforms. Ejyle uses modern platforms, architecture, practices and patterns to ensure future viability and readiness of the applications it builds for its clients.

Case Studies

Re-Engineering and Modernization of a Legacy MR System

Propelled client’s growth map by re-engineering an existing healthcare MR application platform.

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Optimization of International Supply Chain Execution

A supply chain platform enabled by data and powered by cognitive data science technologies.

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Mitigation of Revenue Leakage through Risk Adjustment

An AI-based and analytics-driven single risk adjustment solution for the US health plans market.

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Application Service Offerings

Web Application Development

We develop responsive web applications that run consistently across different browsers, are accessible to all users, load fast, and offer great user experience. We build web applications across different paradigms including single-page applications (SPAs).

Mobile Application Development

We build native and cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android that engage users, offer good user experience and follow individual platform design guidelines. The applications we build take advantage of device capabilities and features efficiently.

APIs & Services Development

We build secure and scalable RESTful APIs and web services across different platforms with universal capabilities like OAuth, throttling, sorting, and filtering. We write robust, detailed, and developer-friendly documentation to ensure smooth implementation.

Application Testing

While doing testing is an integral part of our application development services, we also offer application testing as an independent service. We do functional testing, performance testing, load testing, and browser compatibility testing using manual methods and automation tools.

Application Modernization

Legacy applications overtime become too complex to maintain. Transforming them into modern applications can make a world of difference in streamlining business operations and enhancing value. Ejyle uses various well-established re-architecting, re-factoring, and re-engineering techniques to modernize complex legacy applications.

Performance Engineering

We help our clients to dramatically improve the performance of their existing applications, services, and database systems. We use sophisticated tools & techniques to identify bottlenecks and areas of optimizations and then engineer the performance fixes methodically and systematically.

Platforms & TechnologiesKey Platforms and Technologies our Engineers use to Build and Test Applications

Microsoft .NET

We use .NET, Visual Studio, C#, and other similar tools to build .NET based web applications and services. At Ejyle, we have built web applications, desktop tools, and services using .NET Framework, and .NET Core.

Microsoft .NET 5

.NET 5 offers a new universal, cross-platform, free, and open-source platform. At Ejyle, we are now using .NET 5 for any new .NET development to stay current with the overall Microsoft development ecosystem.


We use Xamarin to build cross-platform mobile applications. We generally suggest Xamarin to our clients if Microsoft .NET happens to be their overall development ecosystem for easier maintenance.

Core Java

Java programming language is at the heart of many web applications, cross-platform tools, services, and Android applications that we have built at Ejyle for our clients.

Enterprise Java

We have used J2EE-based including Java-based open source libraries and frameworks to build mission-critical and scalable middleware and complex enterprise applications.


With the advent of NodeJS and the MEAN stack, JavaScript’s use and popularity has exploded. At Ejyle, we not only use JavaScript stacks to build applications but also frameworks like Angular and ReactJS in .NET and Java web applications.

MEAN Stack

We have used MEAN stack to build many enterprise web applications for our clients especially in the healthcare space. MEAN stack is more of a pattern that promotes the use of one programming language (JavaScript) across all the application layers.

LAMP Stack

LAMP stack has been the most popular technology stack for most of the websites in the world for a very long time. LAMP’s popularity is primarily driven by free and open source platforms like WordPress (powers website).


We build native Android applications using Android SDK, Java or Kotlin, and Android Studio. We also prefer to use the Material Design from Google to build the Android user interface.


We build native iOS and iPadOS applications using iOS/iPadOS SDK, Swift, and XCode. We prefer to use Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to build the iOS/iPadOS user interfaces.


We have extensive experience in designing and developing scalable, modular, and maintainable Flutter applications. Experienced in handling the transformation of isolated app platforms with cross-platform technologies. With our expertise in Flutter development, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations.


We use MicroFocus’s very popular LoadRunner tool to load test applications to identify scalability, reliability, and availability issues.

Are you looking for LoadRunner? Ejyle is a MicroFocus partner and can help you to acquire and adopt LoadRunner. Click here to contact us.

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