We are an agile software services and solutions company with passion and single-minded focus on cybersecurity and application services. We are committed to providing efficient, robust, and cost-effective services to clients across the globe.

Our Story

Ejyle (pronounced as “e-jyle”) is an agile software services and solutions company. We are passionate about solving problems and building great software solutions. We help clients to innovate quickly, improve efficiency, drive down costs, and get ahead of competition.

We offer a range of cybersecurity and application services that are a combination of our expertise in cybersecurity, software product development, different software technologies, our profound commitment to quality standards and best practices, and our deep understanding in various industry verticals. We have clients across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia with many of our clients across healthcare, hospitality, financial services, and telecom industries.

We are based in the heart of Asia’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore, which is renowned for its technology know-how and pool of immense talent.

Our vision is to become a global software company that delivers robust, reliable and focused solutions across various industries.

Our Values and Culture

Values that are bestowed and those we adopt are the ones that see us through our journey to excellence. We are extremely passionate about our work that keeps us agile and makes us who we are. We help each other and work together to make Ejyle a great workplace.

Our values and cultural characteristics are:

  • We value people the most – our customers, partners, and our employees.
  • We believe in high ethics, integrity, and moral values.
  • We work as a team with sincerity, honesty, and dedication.
  • We commit to deliver and we take such commitment personally.
  • We are tolerant and reject all forms of discrimination, bigotry, and harassment.

Beyond Work

At Ejyle, we take our work very seriously but work is not everything. We love to have fun too!

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