Cybersecurity We offer robust GRC, cybersecurity, and DevSecOps services and solutions
Our Expertise

Ejyle has successfully built large-scale information security programs, provided consulting on process and automation aspects of GRC programs, implemented various cybersecurity operations like threat management, vulnerability management, and incident response management. Ejyle has also brought and integrated security in the heart of DevOps processes for various clients.

Case Studies

Streamlined, Integrated and Automated GRC Process

Comprehensive and end-to-end automation to streamline GRC processes in a large enterprise

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Penetration Testing for a Telecom Network

Comprehensive and end-to-end SS7/SIGTRAN and diameter security assessment for a large telecom operator.

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Cybersecurity Offerings

Governance, Risk and Compliance

We offer comprehensive services to design, enhance, implement, and automate GRC processes that include policy management, IT and operational risk management, compliance management, and third-party risk management. We also conduct independent assessments to establish compliance and risk posture for our clients.

Cyber Risk Quantification

Using cyber risk quantification processes and FAIR methodology, we help our clients to accurately quantify their risks in financial terms. We have certified FAIR analysts who use step-by-step process to calculate Loss Event Frequency and Loss Magnitude of individual risk scenarios. We also have our own platform called Ejyle Cyberrisk to automate cyber risk quantification to a great extent.

Cybersecurity Operations

We offer robust set of end-to-end cybersecurity operational services that include vulnerability management, threat management, penetration testing, and incident response. Our certified cybersecurity engineers, onsite and offshore, help our clients to build and maintain rock-solid cybersecurity programs with continuous monitoring and improvement.


We meticulously create and maintain minimum baseline security standards (MBSS) based on the up-to-date specifications and manuals for IT and telecom infrastructure devices and components. We follow up with manufactures and OEMs to ensure MBSSs we create and maintain are accurate, relevant, and follow the best practices.


Due to major shift to DevOps, cloud, and containerization in recent years, managing security from design to runtime in an automated way through the principles of DevSecOps has become a major requirement for many of our clients. With our solid background in application development, application security testing, DevOps, GRC and cybersecurity, we have been successfully building. implementing, and maintaining robust DevSecOps frameworks and automation solutions.

Information Security Architecture

We offer information security architecture service because we know how vital it is to establish the right processes, connectors, and integrations across different GRC and cybersecurity programs to ensure alignment with business strategy, consistency, efficiency, and ultimately higher level of security. We are in a unique position to offer this service due to our deep and end-to-end expertise in enterprise architecture, GRC, cybersecurity, and digital transformation.

Platforms & TechnologiesKey Platforms and Technologies we use to Implement Cybersecurity Solutions

RSA Archer

We have used RSA Archer solutions to implement and automate various GRC processes like policy management, risk management, compliance management, third party risk management, and so on. We have also used the integration capabilities of RSA Archer to integrate with RedSeal, ZeroFox, Anomali, RecordedFuture, Splunk, and so on.

Are you looking for RSA Archer? Ejyle is a RSA Security Gold Partner and can help you to acquire and adopt RSA Archer. Click here to contact us.

IBM OnePages

Just like RSA Archer, we use IBM OpenPages GRC platform to implement and automate GRC processes especially for customers with preference for IBM ecosystem. We have used the platform to implement GRC processes like policy management, business continuity management, third-party risk management, and so on.

Are you looking for IBM OnePages? Ejyle is an IBM Business Partner and can help you to acquire and adopt IBM OnePages. Click here to contact us.

Ejyle CyberRisk

Ejyle CyberRisk is Ejyle’s own cyber risk quantification platform that uses Factor Analysis for Information Risk (FAIR) methodology to calculate risk in financial terms rather than the abstract labels like Low, Medium, and High. Using the platform, you can create risk scenarios and do one or more FAIR analyses for each scenario.

Are you looking for Cyber Risk Quantification solution for your business? Ejyle CyberRisk is the right platform. Click here to contact us.


We use RedSeal as an IT infrastructure modelling platform to model the end-to-end architecture and flow of IT infrastructure using device and system configuration files. This is incredibly important for impact analysis, threat, vulnerability, and risk analysis. RedSeal works for both on-premises and cloud.

Are you looking for the RedSeal solution? Ejyle is a strategic RedSeal partner and can help you to acquire and adopt RedSeal solution. Click here to contact us.


We use Qualys VM to configure, schedule and run vulnerability scans across an entire network. We also create vulnerability reports for further analysis, prioritisation, and remediation planning. We also specialise in integrating Qualys VM with many other systems for establishing and maintaining end-to-end cybersecurity programs.


We use ZeroFox as a threat intelligence platform to help our clients to protect their digital assets and data from constant threats. ZeroFox is a fast and scalable platform built on top of a global data collection engine, and artificial intelligence-based analysis.

Are you looking for the ZeroFox solution? Ejyle is an authorised reseller of ZeroFox and can help you to acquire and adopt ZeroFox platform. Click here to contact us.

Hdiv Detection

We use Hdiv Detection solution to detect vulnerabilities in web applications and APIs. Hdiv Detection is an Interactive Application Secturity Testing (IAST) platform  from Hdiv Security. The results from application security testing using the platform has very low false positives.

Are you looking for Hdiv Detection solution? Ejyle is a strategic Hdiv Security partner and can help you to acquire and adopt Hdiv Detection solution. Click here to contact us.

Hdiv Protection

We use Hdiv Protection solution to protect web applications and APIs in real-time. Hdiv Protection is a leading Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) platform from Hdiv Security. We integrate Hdiv Protection with the overall DevOps pipelines to ensure security remains the cornerstone from development to runtime.

Are you looking for Hdiv Protection solution? Ejyle is a strategic Hdiv Security partner and can help you to acquire and adopt Hdiv Protection solution. Click here to contact us.

MicroFocus Fortify

We use MicroFocus Fortify to conduct static code analysis to ensure security bugs are identified and addressed during the development process. We integrate Fortify with CI/CD pipelines to ensure static code analysis is an integrated part of the overall DevOps process.

Are you looking for MicroFocus Fortify? Ejyle is a MicroFocus partner and can help you to acquire and adopt MicroFocus Fortify and other security solutions. Click here to contact us.


We use MicroStrategy’s powerful BI and hyper-intelligence capabilities to build CISO and cybersecurity dashboards. These dashboards could beautifully and accurately demonstrate the overall compliance, risk posture, top third-party risks, and so on. The filters could be used to view results by different categories such as departments, controls, standards, etc.

MicroStrategy has built-in capabilities for both web and mobile platforms.

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